One Laboratory. Global Coverage.


No matter where your equipment operates, we’re ready to help. Designed specifically to provide you with fast, reliable results and recommendations, our business model is unique to the world of fluid analysis. Our many global laboratory locations share a single database – a database with reliable, off-site backup helping you retain your sampling histories even in the event of disaster.

Proven equipment. Proven methodologies.
We replicate test equipment and testing methods in each of our laboratories and establish dependable, reliable processes that comply with our ISO 17025 accreditation performed by A2LA. This is how you know your results are not only accurate, but reproducible and repeatable from laboratory to laboratory.

Centralized data analysis and customer service.
Even if you send samples to more than one of our laboratories, you call one number for answers. You have access to a wide range of knowledge, the chance to talk to an expert who specializes in your line of equipment and the ability to accurately evaluate your equipment across the board.