What If You Could Prevent Problems Before They Happened?


Time and again, information wins. A subtle change or slight imperfection could mean the difference between your most profitable quarter and days of downtime. The right tests at the right time with the right actions to follow enables you to solve problems before they even happen. For POLARIS Laboratories® global partners, it happens every day.

Proven Impact
Transform your business by trusting industry-leading experts to focus on turning information into action.

Proven Uptime
Creating. Building. Producing. Your business is about getting things done. Regular fluid testing makes sure your equipment runs faster and further.

Proven Savings
Create lasting savings by limiting repairs, maximizing uptime, improving efficiency and significantly increasing the lifetime of your most valuable equipment.


Turnaround Time
The value of fluid analysis results diminishes significantly with time as the condition of both the fluid and the equipment being tested continue to change. As a result, turnaround time is often a critical priority when it comes to choosing a laboratory. Here are a few best practices to eliminate unnecessary delays in turnaround time, which help ensure you don’t compromise the value of your fluid analysis results and program:

  • Utilize our online sample submission capabilities and fully complete the fields required to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Ship sample jars to the laboratory the same day they are taken
  • Use a trackable mail service for shipping samples
  • Receive all fluid analysis results electronically
  • Understand laboratory turnaround time begins when the sample is received and ends when results have been sent to the user

Review the POLARIS Laboratories® Turnaround Time today.

Environmental Responsibility
Protecting the environment is of fundamental importance to POLARIS Laboratories® as it is to our employees and customers. To support this common goal we:

  • Consider the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions.
  • Continue to look to reduce the amount of waste generated by the company and its employees.
  • Educate and encourage employee involvement in recycling efforts both in the workplace and at home.
  • Use energy and water as efficiently as possible.

The POLARIS Laboratories® Quality Policy
POLARIS Laboratories® is committed to providing timely, accurate data to our customers for maintenance and reliability purposes. We do this by ensuring all personnel apply, and continually look to improve, the policies and procedures documented in our Quality Management System that meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 17025:2005.

Quality is the standard that drives laboratory operations everyday at every one of our locations. Our ISO 17025 A2LA accreditation is the highest level of quality attainable by a testing laboratory — a level we believe customers should not only expect, but demand. A laboratory’s claim to ISO 17025 accreditation shouldn’t be taken at face value — ours included. Click on the links below and you’ll quickly see that nearly every test we conduct at each of our North American laboratories is ISO 17025 A2LA accredited.