Get More from Your Data


No one knows your equipment like you do. Pairing your hands-on knowledge with our maintenance and reliability recommendations, you will be able to take your reliability maintenance program to the next level. Open communication and collaboration means that together we can dramatically impact your equipment uptime.

Leveraging recommendations and insights from our data analysis and consulting teams, companies have routinely increased production, avoided unnecessary maintenance costs, improved the return on your fluid analysis investment and realized savings every step of the way.

Training and education empower users to realize a bigger return on their fluid analysis investment – therefore POLARIS Laboratories® places significant emphasis on this facet of program management. Our technical business consultants provide technical user support across North America with every facet of managing and maintaining a cost-effective fluid analysis program with:

Equipment List Management
Establish and maintain accurate sample information.

Program Reviews
Identify a course of action.

Program Assessments
Affect change in maintenance strategies that improves your bottom line.

Program Managers
Maximize ROI and document it for sustainability.

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