Your Customers. Your Way.


Establishing a POLARIS Laboratories® Private Label Program customizes fluid analysis for your customer as a value-added benefit to doing business with you. Test packages are designed to focus specifically on the customer’s application needs and put you in a position to deliver quality reporting easier than ever. Take advantage of the numerous resources available to our Private Label customers:

●  Customized sample jar labels and reports
●  Customized HORIZON® web page for retrieving results after processing
●  Toll-free customer service phone line personalized with your company name
●  Sample kits shipped directly to your customers
●  User Guide development services for consistent program implementation and training

POLARIS Laboratories® provides a variety of additional marketing services to help your customers make the most of their program. Some services include:

●  Program PowerPoint Presentations
●  Online Support Webinar
●  Flyer, Counter Mat and Poster Design Services
●  Technical Bulletins
●  Warranty Letter Distribution
●  Graphics Support (including program branding, logo and photo file support)

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