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Six Reasons Why Cooling Systems Need More Attention

It’s easy to think that coolant is separate from engines because it has its own system and fluid. But remember, your coolant flows through your engine and is just millimeters from the oil and fuel. For as vital as coolant is to the life of engines, it’s surprising how often it gets overlooked. Here’s six […]

Getting What You Need from Diesel Fuel Analysis

Just like oil and coolant analysis, diesel fuel analysis makes sure the fluid has properties that allow the equipment to operate when needed and isn’t contaminated with a substance that will reduce the operational efficiency. Unlike oil or coolant, diesel fuel analysis is unique because testing happens most often while the fluid is in bulk […]

Take Advantage of the HORIZON Technical Library

Are you having problems finding technical information on fluid analysis? Would you like information on standards for oil, coolant, and fuel? Do you need documentation on HORIZON training? This can be found in the new Technical Library. We have a new layout, new content, and new location – in our web-based application, HORIZON®. The new […]

Performing a Program Review

Today I want to get into the nuts and bolts of the review and what to do with the results. First of all, reserve at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time for the review. Make sure you invite key personnel to attend and everyone is prepared.  An effective program review will provide answers to the […]

Taking Action On Maintenance Problems Pays

Fluid analysis program reviews can identify root causes of common breakdowns in order to help maximize their fluid analysis investment. Usibelli Coal Mine implemented process changes after their program review which produced compelling, business-improving results. The company is taking action on more recommendations, the number of components with severe problems is dropping and more units […]

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Fluid Analysis Program

Every day I consult with companies about their fluid analysis programs. The majority of them know they could do more to maximize the benefits, but they don’t know all of the different things they can improve or how much it will help them. Here are the 10 questions we ask our customers to find out […]

Avoid Catastrophic Failures

Pulling a boat out of the water for repairs is an expensive wake-up call for marine-based businesses, especially when the damage was preventable. A company in Florida lost nearly $100,000 in replacement parts, repair charges and lost productivity to dry dock a boat after a hydraulic motor suffered a catastrophic failure. The company used this […]

Building the Road to Fluid Analysis at CONEXPO/CON-AGG

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014, the premier construction equipment, technology and product show in North America commences this week, and POLARIS Laboratories® is ready. As one of the 2,400 exhibitors and 125,000 attendees, we look forward to seeing the newest innovations and bleeding-edge technology that will propel construction companies into the 21st century. However, fluid analysis isn’t a […]

Weathering the Storm: The parallels of Winter and Fluid Analysis

This weekend I’m headed to Tampa Bay, Florida to join our vice president of sales for a presentation to one of our top customers. Naturally, after the cold and snow that gripped most of the country over the past six weeks, I’m looking forward to going someplace warm. Yet, I have to admit winter could […]

Particle Cleanliness

It’s incredibly important to keep lubrication clean in order to protect components. Particles find their way into the lubrication through air movement, seals, lubrication degradation, wear metals and residual particles from manufacturing. When these particles circulate at high pressure/ velocity though a system, they can potentially cause erosion. However, the largest wear comes from particles […]