Proven Impact

Build Customer Loyalty Through Better Diagnosis

With fluid testing by POLARIS Laboratories®, results are benchmarked against other machines in similar use cases, with similar makes and models. Early diagnosis for one machine isn’t the same as another, and our results get smarter with every one of the millions of tests we conduct every year.

With better diagnostic tools, your customers will love how you always know exactly what’s going on with their equipment knowing when – and sometimes when not – to perform service. The result is happy, loyal customers who will never take their business anywhere else.

Proven Uptime

Deeper Insight Helps You Discover The Right Service

Your customers demand the right maintenance recommendations, performing exactly what’s needed and never what isn’t. POLARIS Laboratories® helps you deliver the difficult.

Our reports give more insight, earlier on, so you can make smart service decisions well ahead of major problems.

Proven Savings

We Know Dealerships

That’s why we always make sure to give you accurate reporting with fast turnaround times and locations around the world.

Our HORIZON® app allows for quick field testing through the use of smart technology to save you time.

Make The Switch

POLARIS Laboratories® makes it easy to get started, whether you need better in-field technology, smarter reporting or better insight into your testing results. Get it all.

We’ll help you transfer your data and get up and running in no time.