Energize Your Power System’s Reliability | Presented by Valley Power Systems

Presented by Matthew Abrahamson
Operations Manager
Wednesday, February 17 | 11 a.m. ET

Can you rely on your backup power system to be there when you need it?

Through fluid analysis, you can identify potential problems, schedule downtime and capture the most energy from your back up power systems. This means you optimize your system’s reliability and increase your capacity factor.

Join Matthew Abrahamson, Operations Manager with Valley Power Systems, as he discusses fluid analysis in the power generation industry, the importance of routine testing and condition monitoring and how to avoid failure and operation slowdowns.

Topics include:

  • Best practices for a fluid analysis program in the power generation industry
  • Benefits of POLARIS Laboratories® over other fluid analysis providers
  • Best practices for submitting samples to the laboratory
  • Practical usage of technical resources available
  • Common problems identified through fluid analysis
  • Avoiding failure and operation slowdowns with preventive maintenance and fluid analysis
  • Recommended testing and test packages
  • Importance of routine testing to monitor conditions