We’ve Moved!

POLARIS Laboratories® moved into our new, expanded headquarters in Indianapolis on December 9. While our relocation is minimal in distance, it is important for us to continue serving our valued customers without interruption, especially those who ship directly to our Indianapolis lab.

Our goal is to ensure our growth does not impact your experience with POLARIS Laboratories®. If you ship samples to our Indianapolis laboratory, here are six good-to-know details and recommendations that will help smooth this transition.

  • Non-Indianapolis Locations – If you do not ship samples to the Indianapolis laboratory, you are not affected by the move. The addresses of our laboratories in other cities will not change.
  • Shipping Labels – The Indianapolis address has been updated on the sampling labels currently being sent to customers. The “old” address labels can be used up to 90 days after our move date (thru March 9, 2014) without interrupting the turnaround time. Samples will still be received when shipped to the “old” Indianapolis address after that time, but there may be a slight delay before testing begins.
  • Database Updates for Shipments & Deliveries – If you or your customers use software to print labels, please update your database to remove our current address (7898 Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268) and insert the new address (7451 Winton Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46268).
  • Billing Address – Our vendors and partners should send all invoices and other correspondence to PO Box 68983, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Invoices and correspondence should not be mailed directly to our laboratory address.
  • Printed Material – If you use printed or web-based documents about your fluid analysis program, the “old” address will need to be updated.
  • Contact Information – No contact information will change besides the mailing address. The email addresses and phone numbers of all POLARIS Laboratories® employees will remain the same.

We appreciate your understanding as POLARIS Laboratories® expands to better serve you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the move, please contact us at custserv@polarislabs.com or +1.877.808.3750.

Thank you for your continued support and business.