The Value of Identifying Varnish with Fluid Analysis

Presented by Elaine Hepley, CLS, OMA
Data Analysis Manager
Thursday, March 4 | 11 a.m. ET

Varnish build up in your system can cause serious, catastrophic damage to your system leaving you with unplanned downtime, maintenance problems and even failure. It adheres to equipment like turbines, compressors, hydraulics, large circulation and lube systems causing filter plugging and micro-dieseling and eventually, serious damage.

Join Elaine Hepley, Data Analysis Manager with POLARIS Laboratories® and learn how varnish can enter your system, the detrimental damage it can cause and how to identify and eliminate it with fluid analysis.

Topics include:

  • How vanish can enter your system
  • What causes varnish to build up
  • How fluid analysis can identify varnish
  • Test methods used to detect it