Proven Impact

Smart Benchmarking Breeds Better Testing Results

Your machines aren’t the same as every other in use. They’ve been carefully engineered to be different, better and more reliable than your competition. So why do other testing labs measure you against the performance of different machines?

At POLARIS Laboratories®, we get to know every machine we test not only on an individual basis, but also as a family. We tailor results to each make and model and even down to how it’s being used. That means better reporting, catching smaller issues early before they become big ones.

Proven Uptime

Take Control of Your Reputation with Maximum Reliability

Some of the world’s biggest manufacturers trust POLARIS Laboratories® with ensuring their reputation as a reliable mark. We help establish and operate sophisticated testing programs that identify more actionable insight earlier in the life of the machine.

Proven Savings

We Know OEM

POLARIS Laboratories® understands how to help OEMs lower warranty costs and boost their reputation for reliability because we’ve worked with some of the largest in the world. As your partner, we take our role in reducing long-term and short-term costs as seriously as you do. We’re passionate about our ability to spot the right maintenance actions to perform, each and every time.

Make The Switch

POLARIS Laboratories® makes it easy to get started, whether you need better in-field technology, smarter reporting or better insight into your testing results. Get it all.

We’ll help you transfer your data and get up and running in no time.