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Your testing program should tell you more than if failure is imminent, it should help you understand when service events are required, no matter how large or small. POLARIS Laboratories® can get you there, with a full-service testing program implementation that takes your company out of reaction mode, and allows you to proactively monitor your machines for better cost savings and smarter maintenance decisions.

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Ready to take your oil, coolant and fuel testing to the next level? POLARIS Laboratories® will help you get there.

With POLARIS Laboratories®, your oil, coolant and fuel testing is faster, and easier to see. With great reporting based on real industry data, you’ll be able to get real insight with all the right detail.

Get your team moving in the right direction with training by the experts at POLARIS Laboratories®. We cover field testing, data interpretation and more to get your program up to speed so you reap the cost savings sooner.

With HORIZON®, you can quickly and accurately take and track field samples so you never wonder what’s going on.

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POLARIS Laboratories® makes it easy to get started, whether you need better in-field technology, smarter reporting or better insight into your testing results. Get it all.

We’ll help you transfer your data and get up and running in no time.