Our Promise

At POLARIS Laboratories®, we only make promises we can keep. Our team is dedicated to ensuring high turnaround time, environmental responsibility and the highest quality of services.

Turnaround Time

The value of fluid analysis results decrease with time. The condition of both the fluid and the equipment being tested continue to change, making turnaround time a priority. Read this blog to learn how you can ensure high turnaround time. You can also see where our turnaround time stands today.

Environmental Responsibility

Protecting the environment is of fundamental importance to POLARIS Laboratories®. Supporting this goal, we work to reduce the waste generated by the company, educate our workforce about recycling, and use water and energy efficiently.

The POLARIS Laboratories® Quality Policy

POLARIS Laboratories® is committed to providing timely, accurate data to our customers for maintenance and reliability purposes. We do this by ensuring all personnel apply, and continually look to improve, the policies and procedures documented in our Quality Management System that meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 17025:2017.

2021 Customer Summit
October 4-6 | Indianapolis

WEBINAR | The Pathway to Reliable Grease Components | June 15