Registration Open for Oil and Coolant Training

Fluid analysis classes take maintenance and reliability programs to the next level

POLARIS Laboratories® is announcing the 2014 schedule for its North American oil and coolant training classes. The one-day Cooling System Maintenance and two-day Practical Oil Analysis training classes will expand attendees’ knowledge of oils and coolants, as well as how the two affect each other in engines.

The classes will include training on fluid properties, how to take samples, identifying common problems, data interpretation and program management. Attendees will leave with everything they need to advance their fluid analysis program to a higher level.

The class registration process is handled completely online. Attendees will need to schedule hotel arrangements separately, though a room block is available at the hotel where the training classes are held.

The 2014 fluid analysis training classes will occur on the following dates:

  • Denver: April 29-May 1
  • Edmonton: May 27-29
  • Indianapolis: June 24-26
  • Charlotte: July 22-24
  • Baltimore: August 26-28
  • Houston: September 23-25
  • Las Vegas: October 21-23

As an added service, POLARIS Laboratories® is hosting optional certification testing from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) at the same location on the Friday after the training classes. Participants can choose from four different certifications (CLS, OMA I, OMA II or CMFS) and must complete the STLE registrations two weeks before the test date.

To learn more, register for classes, reserve a hotel room or sign up for an STLE test, please visit the POLARIS Laboratories® Oil and Coolant Training page.

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Published January 23, 2014