HORIZON® Is Your Most Powerful Ally

Our management reports are quick, informative and powerful. Our management reports give you the tools to evaluate your fluid analysis program, regardless of the number of components or testing frequency.

Management reports can be customized to include a large number of components, or just a critical few pieces of equipment. HORIZON provides the tools to identify sample frequency, turnaround time, actions taken, or common problems. Once set up, the report can be scheduled to run at any frequency and sent directly to you. This access and accountability keeps everyone on the same page and your equipment up and running.

Whether you have a fleet of trucks to maintain or a plant full of equipment, HORIZON’s management reports help our customers direct large-scale and long-term activities, such as extending oil drains, replacing worn parts before breakdown and adjusting asset life expectancy. Break the status quo, and discover how HORIZON can help improve your performance and efficiency.