Training Opportunities hosted by POLARIS Laboratories®®

POLARIS Laboratories®® partners with industry-leading companies to host training and workshops to provide opportunities for industry professionals to learn best practices for lubrication and maintenance.

Training and workshop events held at POLARIS Laboratories Indianapolis headquarters include a complimentary laboratory tour.

2019 Customer Summit: Unlock Reliability

Attend this year’s maintenance conference and gain the keys to leveraging today’s technology and integration capabilities into your fluid analysis program.

November 18-20, 2019
Indianapolis, IN

2019 Webinar Series

The below schedule reflects our 2019 Webinar Series. Each webinar will be approximately 40 minutes, includes 15-20 minutes for Q & A and is free of cost. Join us and industry experts to learn best practices program improvement, diesel fuel testing, delivering the value through oil analysis, data management, asset reliability and much more

Click here to download a PDF of the 2019 schedule.

The Keys to Realizing Your ROI | Presented by XPO Logistics

August 20, 2019 | 11 AM ET | No Cost

Seeing overextended oil drains, an increase in engine failures and a significant increase in maintenance costs, XPO began a fluid analysis program with POLARIS Laboratories® in 2017. The company soon saw their ROI steadily increase to reach a 70:1 ROI in the first year. The company not only took action on the fluid analysis results, they used HORIZON management reports to establish trends and were able to avoid costly entire engine replacements. Join the Manager of Fleet Maintenance Training with XPO Logistics as he discusses the steps the company took to realize their ROI and see the savings of fluid analysis.

Other topics include:
  • Why data interpretation and understanding is important
  • How to determine the recommendations to take action on
  • Best practices for training maintenance staff
  • How to find the root cause of problems
  • Identifying what is causing wear on your engine
  • How to realize your ROI with tracking your maintenance actions


Translating Your Coolant Report into Actionable Steps | Presented by POLARIS Laboratories®

September 10 | 11AM | No Cost

Coolant testing and analysis can help identify potential contamination issues, determine equipment health and help protect against corrosion. Join POLARIS Laboratories® coolant product application specialist, Emily Featherston, as she discusses the ins and outs of coolant testing, common test methods, how the testing can be useful for maintaining equipment health and asset reliability and best practices for translating your sample report into actionable steps your team can take to save your equipment.

Webinar topics include:

– Reasons to test coolant to maintain a working system

– Testing intervals and how often to test coolant

– What coolant test packages include

– Key aspects of a coolant sample report

– Tips on interpreting and identifying actions to take


The Overlooked Lubricant Specification and Its Cost | Presented by Chevron Lubricants

September 24 | 11 AM | No Cost

What is your dirty oil is costing you today? What damage is being caused by these oils? Often times, new oils are not clean enough. Dirty, contaminated oils lead to system failure and, for you, this means cost. Join Rebecca Zwetzig from Chevron Lubricants as she discusses the importance of lubrication cleanliness, OEM specifications and how to identify these costs in your operation.

Other topics include:
– Assessing and identifying particle contamination
– Proper storage tank and handling best practices
– How to measure cleanliness of in-service oils on driver equipment
– Meeting OEM cleanliness specifications
– What to look for in oil analysis (particle count and key wear metals)


Combatting Contamination to Extend Your Oil Life | Presented by Lubrication Engineers and POLARIS Laboratories®

October 8 | 11AM | No Cost
What classifies as contamination that can be harmful to your equipment? Where do you even begin with combatting the issue and extending not only our oil’s life – but your equipment’s life, too? Join us and Paul Llewellyn from Lubrication Engineers as he discusses contamination and wear, steps to take to control it, and preventive measures you can take to keep it from happening.
Topics include:
  • Types of lubrication regimes
  • How lubricants become contaminated
  • Different types of contamination and how they occur
  • Maintenance strategies to combat contamination
  • How oil analysis can monitor changes, identify contamination and analyze conditions
  • What corrective (and preventive) measures to take if you experience contamination
  • Proper lubrication storage, handling and application practices


Looking for Past Webinars?

We encourage you to register attend our webinars live, so you can be engaged and interactive during the webinar, and get the most out of your training. But, we understand you have a lot on your plate. If you are not able to attend our live training webinars, we ensure all webinars are accessible here on our website so you can watch at any time, on-demand. Click here to access on-demand webinars.

Private Training and Consulting

Our classes are anything but cookie cutter. Working directly with you, our experts tailor our training to fit your team’s needs. Whether you’re new to the business or are only looking for information on coolant, our team can customize a curriculum to meet your needs.

Together, we can dramatically impact your equipment uptime. To see a full list of our services, download our Technical Business Consultant Brochure.

To learn more, contact us at

If you’re looking for a high-quality and informative training class, we can help. Our Technical Business Consultants are dynamic speakers with more than 50 years of combined experience in the field. Their wide range of expertise allows them to offer a diverse course list. With their assistance, you can determine the best way to improve your uptime and increase reliability.

Equipment List Management

We can help you organize and document an accurate and complete list of the equipment.

Program Review

Our consultants will review your fluid analysis program (quarterly or monthly) and help you identify trends in program information.

Program Assessment

We will assess your current program and provide practical recommendations for improvement.

Program Management

We will provide an on-site program manager to monitor every aspect of your fluid analysis program to minimize maintenance costs and maximize asset reliability.

Team Training

We can customize a curriculum specific to the needs of your application’s maintenance goals.

Advanced Data Interpretation

Field Services will help you develop a deeper understanding of reports and learn to read numerical test results. This course will cover: Required Information; Test Relationships; Trends & Triggers; Metallurgy; Setting Alarm Limits; Wear Debris Analysis; and Key Performance Indicators.

NOTE: It is recommended that attendees have prior oil analysis training or at least one year of experience working with oil analysis data.


Is your fluid analysis program effective?
Are you focusing on the right factors of your program?
What external factors should you be prepared for?

After playing the latest interactive, high-energy training opportunity for maintenance and reliability professionals, your maintenance team will be able to answer these questions.

POLARIS Laboratories® has developed a fun and team-building exercise designed for maintenance and asset management professionals called PROVE IT.

An effective fluid analysis program can help maintenance teams avoid unexpected downtime, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs and improve the overall health of its most critical assets. This interactive, team-building exercise guides maintenance professionals through the complex decision-making process involved with preventive maintenance. PROVE IT is a fast-paced game appropriate for a wide range of audiences and can be customized to fit specific situations and companies.

PROVE IT will help your team by:

  • Educating on fluid analysis
  • Providing interactive learning opportunities
  • Creating teachable moments
  • Encouraging strategic thinking
  • Promoting behavioral change
  • Helping develop program champions

In the exercise, each player represents their own company and their cards represent a fluid analysis program at one of the company’s many locations.

Focusing on five categories – fluid, technology, people, process and management – players make decisions on how to improve their overall program health and return on investment for the year.

During the course of the game, players experience how their decisions impact the bottom line of their company and are given the chance to realize how their decisions affect their program success.

Ready to play?

Our certified technical business consultants can provide your team with this training exercise. Contact for more information.