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Fast, reliable data is helpful, but you need more to make truly informed maintenance decisions. POLARIS Laboratories® provides, reliable maintenance recommendations. You can get information from anyone, but only POLARIS Laboratories® can help you transform it into reliable ways to impact your organization, improve your uptime and save you money.

When working with POLARIS Laboratories®, you will be able to use HORIZON® software to prioritize your reports and make informed decisions.

At POLARIS Laboratories® you will find:

Reliable, repeatable results fast – more than 85% of the samples we process daily are returned to the customer within 24 hours with detailed analysis and recommendations. Learn more about POLARIS Laboratories® Turnaround Time.

  • Centralized data analysis and customer services for easy access to your information and the freedom to send your samples to the laboratory closest to you.
  • Extensive field services, practical training and a reliability partner you can depend on.
  • Innovative thinking, customer-driven solutions and a practical approach to maintenance management.

POLARIS Laboratories® is a full-service fluid analysis laboratory. We know that oil, fuel and coolant affect equipment performance. That’s why we specialize in testing all three.