Oil analysis can put you a step ahead in the fast-paced arena of industrial plant production. If a “run to fail” philosophy dictates your maintenance plan, give yourself the power to prevent small problems from becoming catastrophic failures. Quit making up for lost production time and start planning equipment downtime. Boost profits and your company’s bottom line…it costs so little to protect so much.

  • Maximize Product Production
  • Increase Equipment Uptime
  • Maintain Fluid Quality
  • Improve Asset Reliability
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Increase Profitability


Compressors may not be the most expensive equipment to replace, but are often the most critical to production. Replacement parts may be difficult to obtain and unscheduled downtime wastes valuable time and money. Adding Particle Count to routine preventative maintenance can predict component failure and reduce downtime.

Gear Systems

Gearboxes should be closely monitored for dirt and water contamination. Particle Quantifier provides an index number of ferrous particles. PQ reports a quantitative value which indicated the amount of ferrous wear occurring.


Hydraulic Systems operate under extremely close tolerances, demanding regular monitoring for fluid cleanliness. Testing Particle Count can detect potential wear-causing dirt and contaminants. Testing Water by Karl Fischer provided a precise measurement of how much water is present, which is a big concern since water accelerates acid formation, increases oxidation and reduces lubricity.


Turbine reliability is always critical and oil changes or failures are always expensive. Routine trend analysis is crucial to predictive turbine maintenance. Adding Analytical Ferrography with routine monthly testing qualifies the type of wear as well as the source.

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