Power Generation

The money you can save and the downtime you can avoid by routinely sampling power plant equipment easily justifies the expense of oil and coolant analysis. Effective condition monitoring through oil analysis allows you to perform oil changes and necessary maintenance based on test results – what is actually happening within the unit – rather than on the basis of hours of operation or days elapsed on a calendar.

Coolant analysis takes the guess work out of properly maintaining a cooling system and can identify maintenance problems before catastrophic engine failure occurs. Regular coolant testing and routine maintenance can help you achieve maximum system efficiency and save you time and money in less downtime, fewer repairs and determining proper drain intervals.

Give your maintenance program the power to predict failure – it costs so little to protect so much.

• Minimize component wear and extend equipment life
• Ensure lubricant suitability for continued use
• Monitor viscosity levels for optimum performance
• Reduce unscheduled downtime
• Increase reliability
• Boost company profits

Turbines, generator and back-up generator diesel engines, compressors, gearboxes and hydraulic systems are the units most critical to uninterrupted, trouble-free power generation. Fluid testing for power generation equipment can be separated into two regimes. Monitoring the condition of the unit and some fluid properties requires regular, monthly sampling to determine wear and contamination levels. Monitoring fluid quality requires sampling only once or twice a year from systems reservoirs, bulk storage tanks or new lube totes to determine its suitability for use.

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