Routine fluid analysis can give a commercial fleet the competitive edge today’s transportation industry demands. Don’t find yourself on the road to failure when early detection costs so little and protects so much. With POLARIS Laboratories®, it’s easy. In many cases, the process is complete within 24-48 hours. Our highly qualified data analysts and our national team of technical sales professionals are only a phone call away with the support you need to make your information work for you. At POLARIS Laboratories®, it’s our job to keep you on the road to success.

• Achieve Peak Efficiency
• Increase On Time Delivery
• Extend Oil Drain Intervals
• Increase Equipment Life
• Increase Resale Value

Fuel Analysis

Fuel Analysis can solve several performance problems, such as filter plugging, power loss or poor injector performance. Testing bulk fuel storage tanks can verify compliance with required supplier specifications and determine the fluid’s suitability for use.

Coolant Analysis

Coolant Analysis takes the guess work out of properly maintaining a cooling system and can identify maintenance problems before catastrophic engine failure occurs. Regular coolant testing and routine maintenance can help you achieve maximum system efficiency and save you time and money in less downtime, fewer repairs and determining proper drain intervals.

Diesel Engine

Routinely monitoring a diesel engine oil’s viscosity, as well as its ability to neutralize acids and disperse and suspend soot particles produced during combustion, can indicate whether or not anti-wear additive and dispersant/detergent levels are providing sufficient engine protection.

Gear Systems

The biggest concern for gear systems is the type of wear occurring in the system, which is often caused by dirt and water. Gearboxes should be closely monitored for dirt and water contamination. Particle Quantifier provides an index number of ferrous particles. PQ reports a quantitative value which indicated the amount of ferrous wear occurring.

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