No More Guesswork

An effectively executed fluid analysis program eliminates the guesswork, risk and reactionary nature of your maintenance department. When companies transition from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance, they realize greater impact, uptime and savings. These are proven results that drive performance and business success.

For some longtime partners, POLARIS Laboratories® has delivered ROI in excess of 40 to 1.

Gathering data about the fluids that help your equipment perform is critical, but the data alone won’t solve your problems. POLARIS Laboratories® delivers unprecedented levels of quality in our testing procedures, gaining ISO 17025 accreditation across each of our labs and every one of our processes, a standard that provides you the absolute best quality data possible. But even more importantly, your data is reviewed and precise recommendations are crafted by the best data analysts in the industry, assuring you get insightful, specific, actionable information fast.