• Can my engine overcool?

    Yes! Discover four simple steps to help prevent overcooling.

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  • Now Available: HORIZON Mobile App

    The power of HORIZON is at your fingertips. View sample results and historical data on your iOS mobile device. Take Action – Anytime. Anywhere.

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  • Save Three Minutes For Every Sample Pulled

    Easier and quicker sampling can start today with HORIZON Online Sample Submission.

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  • Proven Impact

    Championing compliance to drive action - that's the value of fluid analysis! Listen to Scott Arrington with G&G Oil say it in his own words.

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  • Proven Uptime

    We helped a large pharma company take their analysis program to the next level. Listen to Rendela Wenzel share her story of Proven Uptime.

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  • Proven Savings

    It’s all about the customer. Listen to one reliability maintenance veteran tell his story about how POLARIS Laboratories provides accurate, timely results that has helped his customers save time and money!

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    • Transform your business by trusting industry-leading experts to turn information into action.

    • Creating. Building. Producing. Your business is about getting things done. Regular fluid testing makes sure your equipment runs faster and further.

    • Generate lasting savings by limiting repairs, improving efficiency and significantly increasing the lifetime of your most valuable equipment.

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