• Can your company afford to lose an engine today?

    POLARIS Laboratories® captures the four biggest engine killers and how fluid analysis can detect them.

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  • Our Customers, Our Delivery

    Our new laboratory has introduced even greater efficiency and service to our customers.

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  • Knowledge is power.

    Regular testing assures you know the health and reliability of your equipment and your entire business - and that’s worth more than you think.

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    • Transform your business by trusting industry-leading experts to turn information into action.

    • Creating. Building. Producing. Your business is about getting things done. Regular fluid testing makes sure your equipment runs faster and further.

    • Generate lasting savings by limiting repairs, improving efficiency and significantly increasing the lifetime of your most valuable equipment.

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    • EXCELLENT! Always very helpful, friendly and thinking of solutions for my business! Keep it up this way.

      Todd Wulf
      Atlas Specialized
      United States
    • One of the best analysis companies on the market today, easy to understand even for the most novice user.

      Brian Dorscheid
      Alberta Ltd
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