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For Dennis Mungle, it’s all about the customer. As a manager of lubricants for more than 20 years, he needs to know that he can rely on accurate, timely results that can help customers save time and money. Listen to the benefit his partnership with POLARIS Laboratories has had on his customers. That’s what we call Proven Savings.

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Rendela Wenzel has been a customer of POLARIS Laboratories for more than 15 years. For her, the value of this partnership goes beyond the products. Listen to her explain the important of diagnosing problems and receiving information quickly. That’s what we call Proven Uptime.

How can championing compliance drive action?

Scott Arrington has been a long-time customer of POLARIS Laboratories. By parterning with us, Scott recieves the insight he needs to help his customers understand and take action on oil analysis. Listen to how this partnership allows Scott to provide additional benefits to his customers. That’s what we call Proven Impact.

What drives POLARIS Laboratories each and every day?

Everything we do at POLARIS Laboratories is rooted in helping people save time and money. Together, we look for proven strategies to get the most out of your equipment. Our people breathe life into our mission every day and are truly dedicated to your success.

POLARIS Laboratories® Launches New Oil Analysis Mobile App

Take the award-winning management reporting software on the go with HORIZON® Mobile

INDIANAPOLIS – POLARIS Laboratories® is proud to announce a HORIZON® mobile app is available for devices running iOS 8 and higher. HORIZON Mobile brings the powerful oil analysis management tool to users anytime, anywhere.

“Maintenance personnel need sample results with them in the field or on the plant floor, not tucked away in the maintenance office,” POLARIS Laboratories® Chief Executive Officer Bryan Debshaw said. “HORIZON Mobile pushes alerts to users so they can save and extend the life of their equipment before serious damage occurs.”

The mobile app features a customizable push notification feature users can adjust by fluid type and severity level. Alerts lead users to a sample report summary with the overall severity and maintenance recommendations. The full report also can be downloaded as a PDF to analyze wear metals and trending data.    

“HORIZON Mobile allows us to connect with our customers in a way we never have before, and we aren’t done yet,” Debshaw said. “We’re upgrading the app this fall so users can submit sample data to us through the app itself. They’ll avoid countless hours of paperwork by entering the equipment hours while standing next to the equipment. That’s value no one else in the oil analysis industry can offer.”

In addition, POLARIS Laboratories® plans to expand the mobile app to Android devices to serve the vast majority of POLARIS Laboratories® customers and set the standard of the oil analysis industry. HORIZON Mobile is available for download from the Apple App Store.

HORIZON® is a web and mobile application for viewing and managing fluid analysis data. The Winner of 2012 MIRA Award for Corporate IT Excellence & Innovation, HORIZON helps equipment managers make informed decisions about asset maintenance through data-driven reports and straightforward recommendations.

POLARIS Laboratories® is an independent fluid analysis company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company analyzes oil, fuel, coolant and water-based fluids to provide maintenance recommendations that reduce maintenance costs, improve equipment reliability and minimize unscheduled downtime for companies in the transportation, oil and gas, construction, mining and power generation industries. The North American locations are ISO17025:2005 accredited by A2LA and all seven labs worldwide use the same test methods to ensure consistent results. The company serves more than 165,000 customers in 90 countries directly and through more than 125 private label fluid analysis programs, such as Chevron, Phillips 66, Ingersoll Rand, MTU and Cummins Filtration.

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How Clean Is Your Fuel?

Many people assume they’re buying quality fuel that meets the required specifications, so diesel fuel cleanliness is seldom questioned. However, fuel systems with higher operating pressures have lower system tolerances for contamination and require very tight filtration. These factors have pushed fuel cleanliness into the maintenance spotlight.

Fuel system pumps and injectors are most susceptible to contamination from micro-organisms, asphaltines, dirt, sediment and rust. These particulates will quickly clog fuel filters, erode injectors, cause valves to stick and damage or clog injector spray nozzles. This can lead to overfueling, inefficient combustion and piston wear.

How can you extend your fuel filter life and maximize injector performance?
Simple. Identify both the size and concentration of contaminant particles in your bulk diesel fuel supply and filter out unwanted contaminants.

How can you identify the size and concentration?
Perform an ISO Particle Count test on all of your fuel samples. An optical laser will count and report the number of particles present in each of eight micron ranges (spanning from 4 micron to 100 microns). An ISO Cleanliness Code is then assigned based on the number of particles present at the 4, 6 and 14 micron levels.

Chart-Your-Diesel-Fuel-CleanlinessEngine manufacturers are realizing diesel fuel cleanliness can have great impact on overall engine performance. In fact, many are now recommending diesel fuel that does not meet an ISO Cleanliness Code of 18/16/13 should be filtered before introduction to the fuel system. Surprisingly, more than 50 percent of samples tested by POLARIS Laboratories® do not meet the OEM’s 18/16/13 ISO Cleanliness Code recommendations. By these numbers, half of the diesel fuel in your bulk storage should be filtered before adding it to an engine’s fuel tank. Now, do you know how clean your fuel is?



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