Monitor Biodiesel “Shelf Life” – Test for Bacteria, Fungi and Mold

The use of biodiesel and biodiesel blends is continuing to become more prevalent in the marketplace. Implementation is easy because the fuels work with existing fuel systems with little to no effect on performance.

Yet biodiesel fuels are not without problems. They are prone to biological growth and may need special treatment for optimum cold weather performance. Regular testing can help find issues early before they develop and plug fuel filters.

Biodiesel and biodiesel blends are a natural food source for biological growth. Water contamination is a concern for any fuel because, along with corroding the storage tank, water also aids in microbial growth. Testing fuel regularly for bacteria, fungi, and mold, as well as monitoring water content, is recommended to know when treatment is needed.

Testing becomes even more critical as we approach the cooler winter months. Winter temperatures could dip below your fuel’s cloud and pour points which causes filter-plugging wax crystals to form. Biodiesel and biodiesel blends naturally have a higher pour point than #1 and #2 diesel fuel, meaning that they could present cold weather problems sooner. Thankfully, additives are available that can lower cloud point and pour points if a problem is identified.

POLARIS Laboratories® recommends testing bulk fuel tanks every three months to stay on top of filter plugging problems. Regular testing will help you know when to treat your fuel before problems can escalate.

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Three POLARIS Laboratories® Customers Recognized for Generating Proven Results

Inaugural Award launched at Company’s first annual Customer Summit

INDIANAPOLIS – POLARIS Laboratories® is announcing the finalists and winner of its inaugural Program Champion Award. These companies demonstrate all the elements of a successful oil analysis program, including an internal expert to drive action and achieve goals.

Recognized at the company’s exclusive 2015 Customer Summit in Indianapolis, the companies presented the 2015 Program Champion Awards by POLARIS Laboratories® are:

  • Arch Coal, Inc. – Champion
  • Lehigh Hanson – Finalist
  • Southwestern Energy – Finalist

“When companies commit to an oil analysis program, they are actually committing to saving more of their equipment,” POLARIS Laboratories® Chief Executive Officer Bryan Debshaw said. “But programs can ensure significant savings and increased equipment uptime when they position a program champion. Those champions add value to the overall program by increasing internal visibility, securing top management support and generating results.”

Arch Coal, Inc., the second-largest coal producer in the U.S., was awarded the Program Champion Award for its commitment to proactive maintenance. The company uses oil analysis as their primary predictive maintenance resource in order to plan and schedule maintenance. In addition, the company communicates regularly with POLARIS Laboratories®, takes action on test results and follows up with data analysis.

Lehigh Hanson was named a finalist for leveraging oil analysis throughout their maintenance program. They use test results and recommendations to increase uptime and reduce the severity of problems developing within their equipment. The cement, aggregate and building materials company works with management to set goals and develop an oil analysis program to help accomplish those goals. Lehigh Hanson has consistently saved time and money through the use of oil analysis.

Natural gas and oil producer Southwestern Energy earned their finalist status for their deep understanding of their machinery’s operating condition. Their staff uses predictive maintenance practices to ensure equipment remains operational and continue the company’s industry-leading run time standard. Oil analysis sampling, analysis and recommendations are used to reduce wear before it happens and head off potential equipment failure.

Published October 7, 2015