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POLARIS Laboratories®
Wednesday, August 11 | 11 a.m. ET

The health and life of components is reduced when contaminants circulate through their systems. Water, solid particles, varnish and even air can lead to a decrease in drain intervals and an increase in foaming, oxidation, sludge and varnish formation—potentially causing serious damage and catastrophic failure.

Join POLARIS Laboratories’ contamination experts, Henry Neicamp, Technical Business Consultant and Elaine Hepley, Data Analysis Manager and learn about the different types of contamination, how it occurs, detecting it through fluid analysis and how to prevent it from happening.

Elaine Hepley, Data Analysis Manager, POLARIS Laboratories®

Henry Neicamp, Technical Business Consultant, POLARIS Laboratories®

Topics include:

  • Types of contamination
  • How contamination occurs in a system
  • How it can be harmful to your system
  • Tests performed to identify it
  • Actions to take to control contamination
  • Ways to prevent it from happening