Keep the Power On by Optimizing Your Reliability

Presented by:
Anne Feudner, Product Manager, Aftermarket Parts
Kohler Power Systems
August 24 | 11 a.m. ET

Can you, your team and your customers depend on your power generation equipment when it’s needed?

Pairing existing maintenance practices with a fluid analysis program allows you to identify potential problems before they become catastrophic, schedule equipment downtime and capture the most power from your equipment.

Join Anne Feudner, Product Manager, Aftermarket Parts with Kohler Power Systems, for a discussion focused on optimizing maintenance in the power generation industry, benefits found through fluid analysis and ways to keep equipment reliable.

Topics include:

  • Ways to keep power generating equipment reliable
  • Why fluid testing is important
  • How to catch problems early
  • Best practices for fluid testing in the power generation industry
  • Successes of submitting samples online
  • Advice for setting up and managing an effective program
  • Issues commonly identified through testing