Correcting Glycol Concentration

Proper glycol levels in coolants have become necessary to control an adequate boil point in today’s high-temperature engines. A coolant that’s properly formulated at 50% antifreeze can raise a coolant’s boil point another 12°F to 15°F. By comparison, the cooling system pressure cap increases the system pressure up to 16 pounds, which can raise the coolant’s boil point by 2.7°F at sea level.

When glycol levels are out of balance, some companies simply drain and replace the coolant. However, as much as one-third of the fluid, even rinse water, can remain in the engine block and passages and will dilute the new coolant. If the glycol percentage is the only coolant concern, it is easier to readjust the coolant using this simple mathematical equation to ensure a proper coolant dilution.

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