Employee Perspectives: Giving Thanks


While the holiday often causes us to pause and reflect on all we should be thankful for, I must say everyday I walk out of the doors of POLARIS Laboratories® with a feeling of gratitude.

I’m grateful for our amazing customers who’ve challenged me to innovate new concepts. I’m grateful for a company who encourages me to grow both professionally and personally. I’m grateful to have a place for turning my ideas into reality. I’m grateful for a job where I always find myself learning.

Most importantly, I’m grateful that five days a week I get to spend my time working with the people that make POLARIS. We challenge each other by asking, “What can we do better?” We laugh with each other, ensuring that we never take anything too seriously. We encourage each other through long weeks and tight deadlines. And we offer each other support on those dreadful days when the coffee machine breaks down.

My heart is filled with gratitude to be a part of this amazing team – these crazy people are the best!


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