Experience Yields Proven Results

Have you ever faced a moment in your fluid analysis program where you needed expert help to solve a problem? It can be hard to find someone with up-to-date, firsthand knowledge of both your industry and the equipment you are using. Thankfully, POLARIS Laboratories® can help.

For more than 30 years, my career was in heavy equipment maintenance and maintenance management. I have been using oil analysis since 1983; however, it was not until I was employed in the mining industry that I really gained the appreciation of the many benefits that a quality oil analysis program could offer, including some I simply was not familiar with before.

I’ve worked at all levels: The mechanic that pulled the samples, the maintenance planner that reviewed the results, the QA/QC coordinator that looked for improvements, the business improvement team leader and as a member of a global mining heavy equipment users group that developed best practices and policies. I like to think during that time I developed a true understanding of fluid analysis from hands-on all the way up to the strategic level.

Just like all of the members of our Field Services Team, I combine my “customer” experience with my understanding of POLARIS Laboratories® various tests and capabilities to recommend a test combination to best match the customer’s goals. Whether it’s over the phone, in a conference call, or at one of our private trainings, you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind, both as your fluid analysis provider and as someone who used to turn wrenches and wade through a pile of reports.

This mixture of experiences, I believe, has allowed me to gain a unique perspective of managing a quality fluid analysis program, and this new career path has given me a greater insight into the world of fluid analysis. I have now had the opportunity to see and work with the laboratory and gain new perspectives and I am excited for the opportunity to share this with you.

Proven Impact. Proven Uptime. Proven Savings.
Let us prove it to you.

Published August 8, 2014