Filter Analysis Tells You Things Your Oil Won’t

Filters prevent large particles from damaging component parts, but they also may mask the significant component wear from regular fluid analysis. Analyzing what the filter catches may expose pieces of the puzzle you didn’t know were missing.

Filter Debris Analysis identifies contaminants and evidence of wear that are either removed from the oil by the filter or are too large to be detected by traditional elemental analysis. In addition to the data and microscopic pictures, the analysts reach out to each customer and modify maintenance recommendations based on customer needs. Click the report icon below to see the bigger picture.

Example-FDA-ReportFilter Debris Analysis Report:

Detect early stages of component failure
Bridge the gap between elemental analysis and particle count/quantifier
Determine particle size, type and wear mechanism
Provide a roadmap to any actions that need to be taken

Catch major problems before symptoms occur so you can plan equipment downtime. Contact us today to learn how you can protect your investment with Filter Debris Analysis.

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Published February 5, 2015