How to Ensure Optimum Performance of Wind Turbines

With the increase of greener energy production, wind turbines are playing an increasingly important role. It is vital that these energy producing turbines operate at optimum capacity for extended periods of time. To do this, a high level of equipment reliability is critical and, due to remote locations or access difficulties, all maintenance needs to be planned at optimum intervals to ensure maximum uptime and reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO).

The operating fluids inside a turbine, including lubricating oil in gearboxes and hydraulic systems, fluids used in cooling systems and greases all play a significant role in optimizing operation of the wind turbine. All of these operating fluids should be monitored closely to determine the condition of the fluid, identify contamination and measure the levels of wear metals generated within each system.

Monitoring conditions through routine fluid analysis allows you to avoid unplanned downtime and perform necessary maintenance based what is actually happening within the unit rather than on the hours in operation or calendar days. Planned, predictive maintenance will get you to optimum energy production.

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Published January 5, 2023