Enriching Your Program: One Quarter at a Time

Presented by:
POLARIS Laboratories®
Thursday, March 10, 2022 | 11 a.m. ET

A successful fluid analysis program can yield significant results for your maintenance but poor compliance can result in more downtime, high severities and eventually, equipment failure. So, how does your fluid analysis program compare to others in your industry?  Using a “Pareto Principle” approach POLARIS can help you identify the components that are contributing to the majority of your high severity reports and identify corrective actions for your maintenance team as well as best practices for your overall fluid analysis program.

Join POLARIS Laboratories’ team of expert Technical Business Consultants, Henry Neicamp and Julio Acosta, and see the benefits of participating in quarterly Program Enrichment Reviews. See what a high-level, holistic view of a fluid analysis program looks like, examples of what information and data is presented and samples of action items to improve your maintenance program.

Topics include:

  • What is a Program Enrichment Review?
  • What data is included in a review?
  • How will the information be presented?
  • What if I have multiple locations participating in testing?
  • How often should a Program Enrichment Review be conducted?

Presented by:

Henry Neicamp

Senior Technical Business Consultant

POLARIS Laboratories

Julio Acosta

Technical Business Consultant

POLARIS Laboratories®