News: Celebrating 25 Years of Saving Equipment


May 3, 2024

POLARIS Laboratories® Celebrates 25 Years of Saving Equipment

The company is proud to announce its 25-year anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its journey of excellence and innovation in the fluid analysis industry. Since 1999, POLARIS Laboratories® has been at the forefront of the maintenance and reliability industry, consistently delivering accurate, reliable and timely maintenance recommendations to customers around the world.

Throughout its 25 years, POLARIS Laboratories® has achieved several milestones including opening 7 laboratories across the globe, developing an award-winning mobile app, implementing LEAN laboratory practices across all locations, expanding into additional product offerings and designing a secure API connection to sync fluid analysis to maintenance management systems. The company continues to advance innovations using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve data analysis and interpretation. These accomplishments not only reflect the company’s growth and evolution but also reinforce the company’s position as a leader in the industry and dedication to their customers’ success. [Read our story here]

Through testing and analyzing oil, coolant, fuel and grease samples, the company has been able to provide reliable maintenance recommendations that resulted in more than 68,000 pieces of equipment saved from failure and 2,800,000 critical severity reports delivered, all equating to over $300,000,000 maintenance dollars saved for customers.

“POLARIS Laboratories® has experienced remarkable growth and advancements over the past 25 years and we thank our customers for partnering with us,” said Bryan Debshaw, chief executive officer, POLARIS Laboratories®. “Our future will focus on improving our customers’ experience, developing innovative solutions and advancing specialty testing so we can help them save more of their equipment.”

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