NEWS: POLARIS Laboratories® Celebrates Milestone

POLARIS Laboratories® Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The company announces its 20th anniversary as the industry leader in fluid analysis, maintenance and reliability services.

INDIANAPOLIS – Two decades ago, POLARIS Laboratories® opened its doors as small laboratory in Greenwood, Indiana with a focus primarily on oil analysis. Since 1999, the company has continued to provide customers with information, resources and maintenance recommendations from fluid analysis laboratory results. Now, in its 20th year as an industry-leading provider of maintenance and reliability services, POLARIS Laboratories® has advanced its testing capabilities to include coolant, diesel fuel and grease and provided innovative data management and technology solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

“POLARIS Laboratories® has experienced remarkable growth and development over the past two decades and we thank our customers for partnering with us,” said Bryan Debshaw, chief executive officer, POLARIS Laboratories®. “Looking toward the future, our focus will remain on offering innovative solutions, advanced specialty testing and customizable test packages for our customers to help them save more of their equipment.”

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