Online Sample Submission: Change Is Good

Submitting sample information through HORIZON® is quick, easy and, best of all, reduces errors. While this option has been available, we’ve redesigned the feature to be better than ever.

But why does this matter to you today? Several reasons.

The redesign also gave us the opportunity to prepare HORIZON for future updates. The HORIZON mobile app is coming out Summer 2015, and a lot of behind-the-scenes work was needed to set the foundation for the mobile app. You will be able to view and filter sample reports when the app is first released, and soon after you’ll be able to submit sample information from your mobile device, too.

After selecting the components that were sampled, now the information and fluid type is displayed right next to the sample fields. The system will make sure the barcode you enter is valid to use on the component type. This should reduce the number of coolants submitted as oils and vice versa.

You also can collapse the fields for each component or even remove components from the screen. Collapsing large lists of components and expanding the fields only when needed greatly reduces the amount of scrolling required. Removing individual components was a popular request because if the wrong component was selected in the old sample submission process, users had to move back a screen, unselect the component and re-enter all of the sample data.

Just after the new sample submission process launched, we received a call from a customer with immediate feedback. He had pulled many samples and wanted to save time by submitting the sample information online. The customer processed half of them in about five hours before work ended. The next morning, he noticed the new sample submission feature had deployed. The customer picked up where he left off with the samples, and to his surprise, the last half of the samples only took him two hours! He was very impressed by the improvements and appreciated the additional time we saved him.

For instructions on using the new sample submission process, download the written instructions or watch the video.

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Published June 9, 2015