Data Analysis Manager Named STLE OMA Committee Chair

Elaine Hepley, Data Analysis Manager, was recently inducted as a Chair of the STLE OMA Committee.  As Data Analysis Manager, Elaine manages POLARIS Laboratories’ team of certified data analysts and is dedicated to ensuring the team provides customers with the ART to fluid analysis- Accurate, Reliable and Timely. She provides data analysis and interpretation support and works diligently to find solutions to better manage fluid analysis programs. Elaine is passionate about Varnish testing and analysis and is the in-house expert when it comes to Varnish contamination, test methods to identify it and ways to mitigate it from systems.

Elaine has been with POLARIS Laboratories® for 13 years and is OMA and CLS certified through STLE.

“I am extremely honored and humbled by this opportunity and thankful to be working alongside an amazing group of colleagues who have so much knowledge and insight I can learn from. I look forward to what this next year brings for the OMA committee and its members.”

Congratulations, Elaine!