When it comes to power generation, you don’t have time for failures. Failures are costly to both you and your customers and affect product and business. Routinely sampling your power generators can make sure that your equipment is there when you need it.

  • Minimize Component Wear

    Through fluid analysis, you can identify wear when it starts – minimizing the strain on your equipment and avoiding failures.

  • Monitor Viscosity Levels

    Through fluid analysis, you can monitor your fluid’s viscosity for optimum performance.

  • Ensure Fluids are Suitable

    Through fluid analysis, you can monitor your fluid’s conditions to ensure oil, coolant and fuel are suitable when you need them.

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

    Through fluid analysis, you can predict your maintenance meaning you have less unscheduled, unplanned equipment downtime.

Predict Maintenance + Increase Generator Reliability 

Avoid failure and keep your power running by partnering with POLARIS Laboratories® for your regular fluid testing and analysis and condition monitoring. With fluid analysis, you can not only monitor conditions to ensure your system will be there when you need it, you can also predict when maintenance is actually needed based on the test results, rather than interval testing.

These systems need to be tested if you want them to be reliable and ready when you need them:

  • Back up/standby generators
  • Portable generators
  • Diesel generators
  • Natural gas generator
  • Gasoline generators
  • Solar generators
  • Inverter generators