Preparing Your Systems for Hurricane Season

As we recover from a difficult 2020 year, have you put much thought in 2021 and what it might bring?

Do you know that 2020 (for the second time in history) we exhausted the 21-name Atlantic hurricane list? We started using the Greek alphabet for the remainder of the season, extending it through the ninth name on the list by the end of the year.

2020 also marked the 10th consecutive year with eight or more billion-dollar disasters*.

Comparing Hurricane Sandy 2012 and Irene 2011 aftermath in relation to the devastation of electric infrastructure was significant. Following Hurricane Sandy, utilities had restored power to 95 percent of affected customers 10 days after outages peaked compared with 5 days following Irene.

Energy Impacts of Hurricane Irene vs. Hurricane Sandy

Electric Customer Outages from Irene : 6.69 million

Electric Customer Outages from Sandy: 8.66 million

Petroleum Refining Capacity Shut from Irene: 238,000 barrels/day

Petroleum Refining Capacity Shut from Sandy: 308,000 barrels/day

Manufacturing facilities that plan and prepare for high winds, flooding, loss of power and raw materials, disruptions in infrastructure and other challenges posed by hurricanes find that they can often minimize damage to their assets.

Each storm is different, it is vital to know your plant’s vulnerabilities and how to reduce them.

Are you Hurricane Ready?

Knowing that your Standby Generator is “Hurricane Ready” to provide power to your facility not only to keep vital production up but also to keep all ancillary equipment like pumping capacity in case of flooding. Restoring production after power outages from hurricanes or other weather-related disasters can be costly both in waste and safety. Remember, you might be out of power for more than a few hours you could be out for a few days depending on your power distribution location.

Allow POLARIS Laboratories® to partner with you to prepare your standby equipment oil, coolant and fuel to ensure your equipment is ready to start and run during these types of disasters.


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Product Application Specialist

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