Program Insights: Time to Make Adjustments and Improvements

How many times have you heard “in these unprecedented times” since 2020? Well the precedent has been set, times have changed and they are not going to change back…

The reality is: labor shortages are requiring staff to become more creative, oil supply has forced companies to extend their drains, equipment availability lead times are so far out that new equipment is not an option (even if you could, interest rates are continuing to rise). In addition to these challenges, parts and service are driving downtimes to be longer and longer. The truth is, these challenges are not going away anytime soon. So, what can you do now to solve some of these challenges?

Your Maintenance Program Isn’t the Same Anymore

You simply cannot hold on to the maintenance program you had in the past. Your program needs to be proactive – even world-class preventive maintenance programs are changing. Programs are finding new ways to drive efficiency, reduce rework and keep expenses down – all while keeping production up. These programs regularly turn to the experts at POLARIS Laboratories® to learn how they can keep being the best.

What Can You Do Today?

Programs that are seeing positive improvements and big impact aren’t making groundbreaking changes, they are making small, incremental changes that result in big impact, such as:

  1. Participating in our extended drain comments program to prolong the life of their oils
  2. Adding sampling valves to equipment to provide an accurate, consistent sample in half the time
  3. Scheduling quarterly Program Enrichment Reviews to learn what issues occur the most and on what pieces of equipment
  4. Discovering new tools and ways to integrate data to drive efficiency and effectiveness

Slow Down to Speed Up

In business it has been said “sometimes you need to slow down to speed up”.  When was the last time you asked for expert advice on how to improve your program? We know how busy you are, we understand the pressures of outside factors on your daily workload. The good news is, even though you may have hundreds of things to worry about and take care of, POLARIS Laboratories® has one focus: your preventive maintenance.

Call us today and talk to our experienced Reliability team. Ask their advice what you can do to make an impact and alleviate your maintenance challenges. They are here to help you implement a better program. As mentioned at the start of this blog, the unprecedented times are now precedented.  Things will only change if we do. Call us at 877-808-3750 or fill out our contact form – we’re here to help.

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