Shipping Samples: How to Guide

So you’ve successfully taken your oil sample, what next? Ship it to the laboratory, of course. It’s important to ship the sample as soon as possible after you collect it – don’t let your samples pile up and ship a large amount at a time.

After you’ve submitted the sample’s information via online sample submission in HORIZON (or hand-written paper form), use the corresponding label to place on the sample bottle.

  1. Take the sample from our equipment while it’s running or within 30 minutes of shut down and do not overfill the jar.
  2. Close the sample jar as soon as you collect the sample.
  3. Hand tighten only – the bottles have a wedge seal so no tools are needed.
  4. Depending on what kit you ordered, place the sample jar(s) into the appropriate shipping container.
    1. Appropriate sized box, envelope mailer or hard plastic mailer.
  5. Label the outside of the package with the laboratory address, your return address and apply the appropriate postage.

It’s that easy! Check out our latest Technical Bulletin for more detailed, step-by-step instructions:

Want more helpful shipping tips? Check out our blog 4 Tips for Shipping Success.


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Published December 11, 2018