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We’ve Crunched the Oil Analysis Numbers for You

Many companies using oil analysis know how it benefits their maintenance program, but few take the time to quantify the impact, let alone count the savings. When the time comes to justify expanding an oil analysis program, there’s little hard data to show management. This problem is common enough that we wanted to give our customers the ammunition they needed.

We asked 600 oil analysis users about their actions and how it affected their equipment, and the results were telling:

A Bigger Impact:
 96% of oil analysis users saved time submitting sample info online
 84% fewer unexpected breakdowns

More Uptime:
34% doubled their drain interval
 90% believe equipment is more productive over its lifetime

Visible Savings:
63% set and adjust preventive maintenance using management reports
 87% are more confident in equipment reliability using oil analysis

What numbers do you need to prove oil analysis works? Download the 2015 Benchmark Study or one of our case studies to back up your claim with numbers.

Proven Impact. Proven Uptime. Proven Savings.
Let us prove it to you.