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HORIZON®: How To Add Equipment

The HORIZON® management tool is an incredible resource for you and your maintenance team. Using the system, you can submit samples, view sample reports and submit actions taken. In order to make the most out of your use of HORIZON, it’s important to keep your system information up-to-date.

Adding new equipment directly into your HORIZON equipment list can help simplify your sample submission process.

Luckily, it’s easy to do. For a more in depth look at this procedure, check out this technical bulletin or watch this video. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at the steps to add equipment into your HORIZON account.

 Navigation from the Dashboard

  1. From the menu tab bar, click on Equipment Management and select “Add Equipment” from the drop-down list that appears.

Account Selection

  1. Select one account for the new component and click the green arrow at the top. You can filter the columns by typing in the fields or sort them by clicking the arrow to the right of the field.

Component ID

  1. Components can be named one of two ways: Asset Detail Abbreviations or Direct Naming.
    • Type in those fields to automatically filter the list of eligible entries and select your choice using your mouse or the “Enter” button.

Component Values

  1. Provide as much information as possible for more precise recommendations.

Filter Values

  1. Provide the type of filter and micron size rating (if any) on the unit.

Product Values

  1. The Product Values is the type of fluid typically used in the component.

Wild Card

  1. Wild Card values can be utilized for any additional information you would like reflected on the sample that isn’t already available using the other fields.


  1. Once you are satisfied with all of the information in the Component List and the current screen, click “Review and Save”.


  1. This screen allows you to review the Component ID, Secondary ID and Component Type.
  2. A CSV file of the components can be downloaded for your records.
  3. Click “Add Another Component” to add another component to that account or “Confirm” to add the components.

For additional questions about the HORIZON management system or app, please contact us at custserv@eoilreports.com.

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New HORIZON® App Feature Eliminates Paperwork

Sample submission makes sampling quicker, easier, more accurate

INDIANAPOLIS – The latest feature offered on the new app for HORIZON – online sample submission – will improve how users collect and submit oil, coolant and diesel fuel samples. Now sample data can be entered into the app and linked to the barcode on the sample jar, eliminating the need for sample paperwork to be filled out and shipped.

“Giving customers the ability to submit samples from a phone or tablet means they can stand next to the equipment while they enter the numbers,” POLARIS Laboratories® Chief Executive Officer Bryan Debshaw said. “Going digital greatly improves accuracy and speeds up the process, too. It’s a positive change for everyone.”

The process is simple. Customers use the app to select a component from their equipment list, enter required information and link the data to the barcode on the sample. Common paperwork mistakes can prevent a sample from being tested, so a data validation process immediately tells users if information is missing or incorrect.

The app uses the mobile device’s camera to automatically scan barcodes, eliminating the need to type in long strings of numbers and characters. In addition, customers can create QR codes of their equipment’s ID numbers and use the camera to find the component in the app.

Since August 2015, the initial version of the HORIZON app has been downloaded on more than 1,300 mobile devices. Users employ the app’s customizable alerts to notify them when testing is complete. A few taps can bring up a testing result summary and recommendations, and another tap will download the full report as a PDF. With the addition of the sample submission feature, users can perform oil analysis from start to finish without using a computer, email account or written paperwork.

The HORIZON app places the power of the web data management application in the palm of your hand. The app allows users to quickly submit sample data and read reports from mobile devices. Available now on iOS devices, the app will expand to Android platforms in the near future.