Take Advantage of the HORIZON Technical Library

Are you having problems finding technical information on fluid analysis? Would you like information on standards for oil, coolant, and fuel? Do you need documentation on HORIZON training? This can be found in the new Technical Library. We have a new layout, new content, and new location – in our web-based application, HORIZON®. The new library was reorganized by subject matter to make it easy to find the documents. Also, storing it right in HORIZON means customers don’t have to leave the application to get the information they need.

POLARIS Laboratories® has accumulated a deep understanding of tribology and other fluid analysis expertise, and much of that knowledge has been captured over the years in our technical bulletins. Some are basic, such as instructions on how to pull an oil sample, but many dive into the nuances of fluid analysis.There are documents about the differences between testing for acid number or base number, how coolant formulations differ, and the ASTM methods related to biodiesel. The Library also has sections with instructions on how to use HORIZON features and thought-leadership pieces to improve fluid analysis programs.

The new library is just one of the ways POLARIS Laboratories® is making it easier for our customers to improve their maintenance and reliability programs and save money in the end. To access the technical library, log in to HORIZON, and click on the Technical Library Tab.

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Published April 8, 2014