Value of Oil Analysis: Lubricant Manufacturers, Marketers and Distributors

Delivering value through oil analysis separates you from the competition, validates your claims, builds credibility, can help extend oil drains and leads to increased customer satisfaction. If you’re a lubricant marketer or distributor, here are a few values that come along with oil analysis, both for you and your customer.

Talking Oil Analysis: Where to Start

1. An efficient, well-managed oil analysis program is a daily reminder of the service and can help safely extend your drains.

2. Independent laboratory oil analysis validates your claims and builds credibility for your lubricant.

3. New equipment? Oil analysis can find manufacturing defects and maintains warranties that ultimately increase the equipment’s lifecycle.

4. Extending oil drains is a good thing: if a customer wants to extend their oil drains, they’ll either do it with you or someone else.

5. Did you know 40-50% of preventable engine failures can be attributed to the cooling system? Cooling systems have changed dramatically in the last 30 years, and coolants have transformed with them. OAT, HOAT and NAPS formulas have joined conventional coolants, and mixing them together can make both coolants less effective.

6. Identify areas for improved maintenance: finding dirt and water contamination from maintenance problems or poor lubrication storage gives you even more opportunities to help your customers.

7. As an independent laboratory, POLARIS Laboratories® provides all the data analysis and reports, giving you the ability to use fact-based decisions with your customers.

8. Maintaining your profits and providing additional value is always more profitable than dropping prices and hoping to increase volume.

Proven Impact. Proven Uptime. Proven Savings.

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Published July 26, 2023