HORIZON® Management Reports 101

Looking for ways to evaluate, manage and get the most out of your data? There’s a HORIZON® Management Report for that! HORIZON, our online data management platform, is a database capable of storing all your sample data, results, reports and recommendations. But, HORIZON is also a valuable resource which allows you run close to 15 different management reports to help you maximize your data. Highlighted below are just a few of the reports you can run out of HORIZON:

Severity Summary Report:

A quick and easy way for to see where your normal or critically flagged samples results are. Run the report based on a general search through your entire account or drill it down to component manufacturer or even fluid type. Check to see if there are any patterns in your testing results using this quick and easy tool – and take action.

Problem Summary Report:

Dig deeper into your sample results with the Program Summary Report. Evaluate normal and severe results by test and maintenance recommendations, making it easier to see trends in your fluid analysis sample results.

Program Condition Report:

This report will give a quick overview on how your program is running. Review overdue equipment that needs to be sent in for testing, see the average amount of time it takes for a sample to reach our laboratory for processing and see any actions taken based on the recommendations of our data analysis team.

Running Reports

Log into HORIZON and click on “Management Reports” to run these reports and more. Check out our resource for running these management reports and step-by-step instructions.

Contact us to learn how to best utilize these reports and others to make your fluid analysis program work even better for you!

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