How to Get Your Sample Results Faster

Are you wanting to receive your sample results and maintenance recommendations faster? There are many steps you can take to ensure you get your results in a timely manner – so you can quickly take action to save your equipment.

  1. Use HORIZON®
    • Register your equipment and components online or mobile app through our HORIZON data management system online or use the mobile app
    • Log your fluid sample (and barcode information) in HORIZON and submit it with the equipment information
    • Apply a barcode to your sample and send it in the mail to one of our laboratory locations
    • When we receive your sample in the mail, the barcode is scanned and automatically pulls up the sample and equipment information you submitted via HORIZON
    • Submitting your sample information online provides us with all the necessary information ahead of time – allowing us to send your results back to you faster
  2. Submit samples on the go
    • Using the convenient HORIZON mobile app for Android or Apple for mobile devices, you can submit samples right at your equipment, immediately after you take the sample
    • Submitting your sample information via the mobile app requires less fields of information
    • Read more about the benefits of online sample submission by reading Take Five and Submit Your Sample
  3. Eliminate errors if sending manually
    • If you choose not to register and submit your sample information via HORIZON, you will need to fill out the form by hand
      • It’s best to use an quick-dry ink pen to fill out the paperwork (make sure the writing is legible and the paperwork isn’t damaged from from oil spills). This will eliminate the need for sample processing to decipher handwriting or dirty paperwork – resulting in inputting incorrect information into our system.
    • Send in the sample information form with the sample to one of our laboratory locations
  4. Pull the best sample

In the maintenance field, timing is key – it can be the deciding factor whether your equipment breaks down and you have unexpected downtime. At POLARIS Laboratories®, we are continually making improvements so you can get your results back faster. After all, your equipments’ health and lifecycle depend on it.

If you have any questions about sending in your sample or need help setting up a HORIZON account, contact us at 317.808.3750 or email