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Learn how to use HORIZON®, our award-winning software solution, by viewing one of our free webinars below. Each session is taught by a HORIZON expert who is available to answer any specific questions you may have by emailing

You can also walk through specific features in HORIZON with any one of our short videos in the HORIZON Tips video series. Learn how changing your settings, running management reports and a number of other valuable tips can kick your fluid analysis program up a notch.

Introduction to HORIZON

Introductory training for new HORIZON users, this course will teach you how to track your sample’s progress through our laboratory, view your reports online, configure your account settings, and set or change subscription options.
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Simplify Equipment and Sample Management with HORIZON
This course teaches core skills for daily HORIZON users, including adding and editing equipment lists, submitting and editing sample information online, placing specific equipment on watch, and using the interactive online sample reports.
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HORIZON Management Reports

Unlock the true power of a managed fluid analysis program with HORIZON Management Reports. These reports will help you pinpoint, track, and resolve issues – decreasing maintenance costs and equipment downtime.
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