Know Your Sample in a 360 View

Two weeks ago, I spent a week in San Francisco with nearly 150,000 marketing professionals at the annual Dreamforce Conference hosted by Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management company. The themes from their sessions were engaging and consistent almost to a fault.

Know Your Customer. Test, Adjust and Learn. Optimize Performance. The Journey Is the Reward.

At one point, I had to step back and do a double-take on the Dreamforce app to be sure I was not attending an oil analysis conference. The parallels surfaced in nearly every presentation. In the new information age, industries – and companies – everywhere strive to capture compelling and reliable information and recommendations to improve their business.

In the oil analysis industry, this is more critical than ever. After all, 2015 starts now. Companies that are diligent in scheduling predictive maintenance to be proactive and remain productive are the same companies that will race past the competition after New Year’s Day. Do you want to explain to your manager in January why you’re starting off the new year with downtime ruling the day and service objectives off-target simply because of equipment failure? What’s more, leaving your customers under-serviced and underwhelmed will simply encourage them to consider alternative solutions going forward.

Wouldn’t it be more effective for you – and your company – if you knew the operating condition of your equipment before it was too late? When companies routinely conduct analysis on their equipment and consistently take action on the results and recommendations, they are able to reap the benefits of their oil analysis program. Be proactive, and you know what your equipment needs and when. In short, you have replaced preventive maintenance with predictive maintenance. This drives change – and keeps your customers informed and happy, too.

How do you want to kick-off 2015? Certainly with uptime ruling the day. A 360-view of your equipment can help extend the lifecycle of your equipment, maximize operational performance and increase uptime. These savings are real and when you look in the rear-view mirror, you’ll find some loyal and committed customers too.

From experience, I know 150,000 marketing professionals are not waiting until next year to deploy new strategies and ideas after their motivating experience at Dreamforce. So, don’t wait for 2015 to change how you manage your oil analysis program. Start today. Download our groundbreaking Taking Action! Fluid Analysis Assessment workbook and determine where and how you can take your program to the next level.

Proven Impact. Proven Uptime. Proven Savings.
Let us prove it to you.

Published October 28, 2014