The Difference One Year Makes

As POLARIS Laboratories® marks the one-year anniversary of our new laboratory and corporate headquarters, the real celebrants of this milestone should be you – our customers!

POLARIS Laboratories® is committed to providing the most accurate, reliable and timely fluid analysis processing and recommendations in the industry. When we prepared to open the doors to our headquarters a year ago, we were excited about the opportunities a new, expanded state-of-the-art facility would offer our customers, partners and employees.

As we envisioned, one year later we’re better able to employ proven processes and improvements that generate more efficient results for our customers. As the demand for our testing and analysis services increased, the more evident it became we needed a new foundation to support how we service our customers, integrate our teams and deliver recommendations to our customers to help them improve their reliability and maintenance programs.

Sporting a new 63,000-square-foot facility in northwest Indianapolis – which is double the size of our previous headquarters — POLARIS Laboratories® has deployed more efficient manufacturing principles that empower the employees to be more effective and efficient in processing your samples. We are deploying new testing processes in our headquarters that will become mainstays in all our laboratories around the world. Our new laboratory has helped create new process flows that help identify root causes of potential testing delays, create new efficiencies and leverage new process improvements.


Duplicate pieces of equipment were grouped together in the old Indianapolis Laboratory. This resulted in the samples moving all over the lab before receiving the testing they needed. 


This is the base titration cell after the move. The cell only contains equipment for the standard testing associated with samples requiring a base number, minimizing the movement of the samples.

As Lean principles continue to define our processes, POLARIS Laboratories® remains committed to the continuous improvement that accompanies it. The Lean process and new building has taken us leaps and bounds beyond where we were just one year ago, and we will continue to evolve in order to provide the most efficient, high-quality oil analysis possible.

Indy Lab - Office AreaOur commitment to Lean principles isn’t limited to just the laboratory. Our entire team in the Indianapolis laboratory is embracing the many advantages of transparency, flexibility and open communication. To foster greater collaboration and idea sharing, we designed the new facility with low cubicle walls and glass walls in most conference and break rooms. This open environment facilitates collaboration and team work so we can provide better results and solutions for our customers.

Once again, happy anniversary to our customers, partners and employees on the new corporate headquarters, a state-of-the-art laboratory and the improved customer experience.

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Published December 10, 2014