Spend Minutes Today: Save Hours Tomorrow

In today’s world, everyone wants to get more done in less time, and the HORIZON® technical library can help you do just that. It doesn’t matter if you started fluid analysis sampling today or have been looking at reports your entire career, we’ve created 100+ videos and informational documents to help you maximize your HORIZON experience and get the most out of your sample data.

For Beginners

The “How To” section is great for beginners (though veterans may discover a few tips while they’re there). These instructions focus on the nuts-and-bolts of fluid analysis – collecting samples, filling out labels and reading reports. You can learn the basics quickly, so you can get back under the hood.

Mastering Your Data

HORIZON is designed to be intuitive to new users, but its free-form fields may take time to master through trial-and-error. Skip ahead by exploring the technical library and take advantage of the resources available to you. There are 12 different instruction sets just to help you run the management report features! Each one will save you time (and sometimes, headaches) filtering and sorting spreadsheets, and they can be scheduled to run automatically to save time in the future, too.

Turning Results into Action

Finally, the technical library has detailed information specific to the fluids we test and best practices for fitting fluid analysis into your maintenance programs. Our OMA and CLS-certified staff collected their thoughts from decades of testing and consultation to help you turn your sample results into maintenance recommendations and program improvements.

The best part? The technical library is available 24/7 in HORIZON. Log in today and start saving time tomorrow.

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Published December 26, 2017