The “Aha!” Moment: How to Track Your ROI

It’s safe to say it’s every company’s goal, no matter what industry, to see a positive return when investing money. Investing in a fluid analysis program is no different. HORIZON® has a feature that allows you to track the action taken based on your sample recommendations. This feature also allows you to see an estimated cost savings vs. running to failure for each action taken. Customize the Action Taken Summary Report with date ranges, severities and fuel types and the report will give you a summary of your actions and cost savings for a given period. Using this report, you can provide your upper management with the ROI of your fluid analysis program.

For more information on how to use the Action Taken feature in HORIZON:

The “Aha!” moment: The Fleet Maintenance Director of a global logistics company tracked the action taken in HORIZON® based on the sample recommendations and discovered the company saved more than $650,000. The company only invested just more than $14,000 in a fluid analysis program. That’s a 45:1 ROI!

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Published December 19, 2017